Love Your Colors


This cute little villages, is filled with eye catching colors. It exudes life and is extremely inviting. Who wouldn’t want to stop by to have a bite at the café. The yellows are warm and soft, the blues are happy. The greens are fun and “Beachy”. The reds are not too dark and are lively. All the color softens the rough topography of the hillside. Feng Shui is about creating balance, and this little village is a perfect example of that.

Today subdivisions are built without a conscious understanding of how people will feel inside the home, meaning how a home is situated on the land. Two home with exactly the same floor plan but facing the opposite from each other , are not going to feel the same on the inside. For example, a home with few windows on the south side, many on the north side of the home will feel dark inside. The same house style with most of the windows facing the south will be light filled, if something is  not blocking the sun. Of course, you say. Many times I am asked to help a buyer find the right house for them. 80 % of my clients focus on school district, kitchen size, number of bedrooms but do not look at how much sun light enters the home. When I bring that up, they say, yikes, I would have never thought of that, and they all want a light filled home to live in. 

Color and Space

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