Sally takes you through the the practice of making the most Ordinary living and working situations Extraordinary with color and space.

“Make the Ordinary Extraordinary”, by Sally Fretwell

Investigate, discover, and then create the atmosphere you desire within your own home. Sally shows you how any space can be restful, nurturing, festive, warm, rejuvenating, calming, invigorating, uplifting, recharging or all of the above.

Architectural psychologist, Sally Fretwell leads you down the path to make the ordinary extraordinary, encouraging you to explore the idea is to make your living space your own. She gives you ideas and tools to discover what you are looking for and to know when you find it. Using both personal and professional, experience Sally gives you the benefit of her many years of successful design consulting. With simple examples of how to define your home, office, or business with the use of lighting, color and space she helps you understand that having the home of your dreams is not about being wealthy, but having a wealth of vision creativity and intuition. Sally will show you how to make your home a place that rejuvenates, recharges, and lift your spirits.

Sally’s excitement and enthusiasm for this subject jump off the pages of this book. Concerned or afraid to make decorating changes? Don’t be. This book, written in an easy, clear style, will empower you with the ability to solve many of your decorating dilemmas with practical, common sense solutions that will enhance and energize your surroundings. – Arleen Yobs

Sally’s book has an entertaining style, concise observations and wonderful photos. This book puts into words those dreams we all have about our ideal home. -Mike Gaffney

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