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Over 20 years ago Sally Fretwell wrote the book “Feng Shui Back to Balance” which was on the Amazon’s best seller’s list for over 3 years.  This web site incorporates over 30 years of experience consulting with clients on how to make the most of their living and working space.

Feng Shui Home Back to Balance

Architectural psychologist, Sally Fretwell, will lead you down the path to make the ordinary extraordinary.  She will encourage you to explore the idea to make your living space your own. She gives you ideas and tools to discover what you are looking for and to know when you find it. Using both personal and professional experience, Sally gives you the benefit of her many years of successful design consulting. Her simple examples of how to define your home, office, or business with the use of lighting, color and space, she helps you understand that having the home of your dreams is not about being wealthy, but having a wealth of vision creativity and intuition. Sally can show you how to make your home or business a place that rejuvenates, recharges, and lifts your spirits.

Sally Fretwell Feng Shui Color Consultation

About Feng Shui

FENG SHUI is all about flow and taking advantage of utilizing the spaces you live and work in the best way possible.

It encompasses how to maximize your living space and love the home you live in.

The use of color to open up a space.

Pick lighting that is inviting and exudes warmth.

Flooring choices that create a sense of flow.

Optimizing the general overall floor pan.
Adding accoutrements that make you comfortable and happy.
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“Love the Colors and Space You Live In”

by Sally Fretwell

Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui Learning Centers

Sally has provided a special “Learning Center” for clients who are interested in an introduction to Feng Shui.  You can click on the any of the items below to get the feel of the “Learning Centers” on the Main Menu above.   Enjoy and Learn!

Feng Shui is also about Color

Find the “Power of Color” and Sally’s 35 year journey through consulting on space, color and a relaxed environment.  To learn more about Sally’s background take a moment and go to Sally to see her background in color and her personally designed paints.  Her paint stores servicing the D.C. and V.A. and Maryland areas along with her National and International consulting on color and paints can all be found on her net site. Click on the card to the right to visit or any of her web sites at the bottom of this page.

Sally Fretwell Feng Shui Decorator and Architectural Psychologist in Tampa, Flroida

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