Feng Shui is about flow and awareness of your surroundings.  It is not about lucky trinkets and superstitious beliefs.

Feng Shui principles incorporate the ideas that are commonsense and supportive of how we live in the world. How the sun moves around a home or town, moving from East to West, is a perfect example of the principles of Feng Shui.  The first morning sun beaming into your kitchen activates the body and awakens our senses as we start the day. If your kitchen is in the North or West, the space may be dark and less effective at waking us up to move along with the day.  Everyone is different so it does not mean a kitchen needs to be in the East.  In fact Feng Shui is the study of how energy flow through your home.  Sally examines a floor plan to be sure it has a good flow, nurture its occupants, and does not restrict or impede the flow in the space.

How Feng Shui Works

Feng Shui looks at why temperature, topography, bodies of water, amount of light, dictate why places in the world feel the way they do. Why do some areas of the world help to slow you down and relax. Why do some areas, ground your energy and help you feel more stable.  It is a study about the sun, water, what grows there and what does not.  It is about dry air and humid climates and how they affect your well being. Some of my clients are drawn to city life and some to country life. Some do not like city or country, they just feel the best in certain places of the world.  Feng Shui studies structures and buildings, how every spaces influences how you feel in that space.

How Feng Shui relaxes

Why do hospitals usually have a hectic, sterile, and unsettling feel about them.  Helping the patients is the goal in a hospital, but why not have the building help to create the intention for healing and well-being. Most hospitals do the opposite, they support tension and fear.  The lighting is hard on the nervous system and along with the patients feeling stressed, the people who work in the hospitals,equally are tense and draining their life force.  It is the same that why does your favorite restaurant, give you energy, and allows you to decompress.  It is the study of the environments you live and work in .
My goal over the years is to help my clients, use their homes and businesses to support their life force and over all well being.

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