Farm House Feel


This kitchen has the combination of the updated cabinets with earth tones by adding the bamboo blinds, darker wood floors and the built in style to the cabinets. The farm house dinning table and features like the chandelier make this an eclectic style. Adding the modern chairs, and the built in desk add a festive feel. The appliances are barely visible, the gas stove, the microwave, fridge, double ovens are totally encased in cabinets. This is a kitchen where the molding goes to the ceiling and all the built in features take on the look of furniture, vs. where cabinets are hung to hang on the wall. I have never been a fan of kitchens with upper cabinets. One or two for needed items but counter space or oven areas with cabinets above, do not allow for good work space, as well as often close in a space and give a cluttered look to the room. Having wall pantries are a great solution to housing the things that would typically go in upper cabinets. An upper cabinet in a strategic place for glasses can be very nice, but having  all your walls filled with upper cabinets is not making the best use of the space you have. My feeling if you have a nice counter area to work at with a window above, or a large picture or mirror, looks better and this can be accomplished even in a little kitchen. It is all about opening up the space, giving you great work areas and having good storage.  In this kitchen little drawers were added under the cabinets so there is no space below, again the built in aspect is a completely different look than a typical kitchen that has a vs counter under a cabinet. So in essence this kitchen feels more like a room than a kitchen with upper cabinets. 

Farm House Feel

Color and Space

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