Colorful Homes


This little town is situated in the mountains and the water. The topography dictates how the towns utilize the harbor and how people live in the area. The colorful homes add charm and invite you to explore. Feng Shui is about how a village is situated, and this little area is nestled amongst the hillside and the mountain protects the village from wind and storms. The walls and buffer zones allow people to live and build on the side of the hill which is not easy. Obviously, they have had to work the land to allow for water to drain down from the top and not cause a problem to the dwellers below. A large high stone wall was built out into the water, allowing for boats to park inside the harbor but not pound up against the inlet during a storm and with visibility to see out toward the sea. Look out towers are placed in strategic areas to be able to see far away. Walkways are tucked into the mountainside allowing for access to the homes and every home seems to have green bushes and plants. All the homes face different directions giving the town an interconnected feeling, all with unique special views of the sea.


Colorful Homes

Color and Space

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